Useful optical tricks to employ during your bathroom makeover

Many modern homes don’t have an advantage of large bathroom, which you can remodel to your liking without any regard to the available space. Fortunately, even modest sized interiors often have plenty of hidden potential and you don’t need to knock down the walls to bring it to the light. And speaking of light… Your bathroom will feel much roomier when you brighten it up. The simplest way is adding extra lamp or two, installing wall sconces or replacing lightbulbs for brighter ones. More over-the-top solutions may consist of larger windows, skylights or Solatubes. Choice of colors also makes a difference, with pale, pastel shades in neutral tones giving the illusion of more space. Use of such hues has another advantage, as they provide good background for almost any type of furnishings and accessories. And don’t forget about mirrors while remodeling a small bathroom. They reflect space and light making whole place look bigger and brighter.

Effective use of space for bigger looking bathroom

Aforementioned solutions rely solely on optical tricks. On the other hand, installation of shower stall or enclosure lands on the verge of optics and effective use of available space. For one thing, you forgo ‘clumsy’ bathtub that takes plenty of space.  For another, your bathroom gains airy feel and you have impression like there is nothing there (particularly with choice of enclosure) with choice of frameless construction and completely transparent glass. Notion that smaller fixtures are better works in case of cabinets as well. While they make perfect storage, they also take available space and add to the cluttered look. So, if you can think of a better place for supplies just move them there and get rid of bulky furniture. If not, replace crucial pieces with their more minimalistic counterparts starting with vanity cabinet. While not as practical, simple sink stand takes much less space.

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