The right arrangement of kitchen appliances will give you even more work space

Kitchen appliances take a lot of room in our kitchen. Designing your kitchen appliances can have a significant impact on making your kitchen organized and spacious. An impressive kitchen layout starts with a solid plan. Every homeowner needs a floor plan that allows the work in the kitchen to flow appropriately. You don’t want to place your snack cupboard next to the stove or hot oven because the children might have an accident while trying to get some snacks. Having this lousy layout will mess up the design of your kitchen, where your family likes to gather around. Our kitchen remodeling company in Chicago, IL. is happy to impart some of the tips to achieve a successful kitchen appliances layout.

Use the Work Triangle

The work triangle is a standard guideline in the kitchen design to provide enough space between the appliances and to avoid crowding. Imagine a triangle that connects your refrigerator, sink/ dishwasher, and range between four to nine feet in length. This layout allows you to move quickly between the major appliances in your kitchen as you cook, clean, and reach food storage at ease. You can customize the appliances that you can place in every corner of the triangle to get the right proportions and features of your kitchen.

Hang Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is bulky, but it is one of the essential kitchen appliances, and it is necessary to find the right spot for this. One of the most effective arrangements for your microwave is to hang it. Attach it using a mounting plate or install it beneath your cabinet so you can still have space below for other kitchen appliances or a place to prepare food.

Use Special Cabinets

Coffee maker, toaster, blender, juicer are some of the most common small kitchen appliances every homeowner needs. Leaving them on the counter makes your kitchen cluttered and messy. Instead, building an appliance garage or a specialty cabinet is recommended to keep these appliances to provide easy access and keep your kitchen organized. This cabinet rests on your countertop and hides the appliances to create an organized view.

Install Pull-out Tray

Installing a pull-out tray inside a cabinet is an excellent option to keep your appliances out of your kitchen countertop. It makes your kitchen look cleaner and clutter-free. Pull out the tray where the appliance is placed for easy access. Creating more space for your kitchen is easy with the right layout of your appliances. For more tips and tricks on maximizing the space in your kitchen, contact our kitchen remodeling company in Chicago, IL. Our kitchen remodeling contractors will help you create more space for your

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