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Leading The Way In Home Remodeling in Chicago

We are a solid home remodeling contractor with 19 years of experience. Our remodeling company is based on reliability and a superior quality of craftsmanship.

Superior Pad Construction offers a wide range of home remodeling services. We’re experts in bathroom remodeling and basement remodeling services. We’re also capable of building beautiful bathrooms with custom showers, tiled floor and walls, custom frame less glass enclosure and steam showers.


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Our Home Remodeling Chicago Services

At SPC, we are committed to being the very best in our field. Whether we’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, you can expect only the highest quality from our certified team of professionals dedicated to meeting your goals.

Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

Is it time to remodel your kitchen? If you’re looking to completely re-do your entire kitchen or even just replace the countertops, SPC provides comprehensive remodeling services guaranteed to fit your style and budget.

Living Space Remodeling Chicago

We’re pleased to offer our customers fully custom and complete living space renovation services. As one of the most reliable and reputable home remodeling companies in Chicago we offer a living room remodel to suit you precise needs, budget and personal taste.

Basement Remodeling Chicago

Tired of that old, musty basement? Turn it into a man-cave, a den, a game room, or just about anything else you can dream up! SPC will be with you, step-by-step, to guide you through the process.

Cigar Rooms Chicago

At Superior Remodeling, we can help you with creating a perfect setting for you to relax, enjoy a drink and a fine cigar. Designing a cigar room focuses on comfort, color and installing an adequate ventilation system. Our team is fully qualified to take on a project that will give you a place to enjoy cigars year-round.

Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

Superior Pad Construction is the one-stop destination for all your bathroom remodeling needs. From tiling to bathroom doors, from sinks to toilets and shower conversions – we can do it all. The best bathroom remodeling in the area!

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Superior Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Trustworthy Experience

Almost 20 years in home remodeling in Chicago allowed us to gain plenty of hands on experience and expertise that we employ in our current projects.

Affordable Pricing

We offer free estimates and competitive prices on all of our bathroom makeovers, kitchen renovations, basement finishing and any other home remodeling projects.

Skilled Contractors

Perfect execution of any project requires remodeling contractors that take care of the job from A to Z, exactly like the professionals, who work with us.

Friendly Customer Service

We are always there for you to answer any question and dispel every doubt, regarding your home remodeling project, so don’t hesitate and call us today.

Quality Approach

Our home remodeling projects always look their best because we don’t cut corners and provide only highest quality materials and top notch equipment.

Projects Finished on Time

Choosing Superior home remodeling services, you may rest assured that the project will be completed in a timely manner and with as little hassle as possible.

Home remodeling contractor chicago

of Our Home Remodeling Contractors Chicago

With Superior Pad Construction, you can see the difference in our home remodeling contractors in Chicago. Not only do we have about 20 years of experience providing the highest standard of home remodeling in Chicago, but we do it affordably. Our skills are far-reaching to include stunning kitchen remodeling in Chicago and luxurious bathroom remodeling to fit your style. It’s all handled with the greatest attention to detail so your home feels just right. Superior Pad Construction can add exactly what you want to your home, and we’ll do it with skill and dedication to top-quality design and workmanship.

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Our Remodeling Contractors Chicago

Are you looking for a trustworthy home remodeling company in Chicago? No need to look further because our expert remodeling contractors are here for you. We are the experts that you can count on when it comes to your bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling needs. Our company only uses the highest quality of materials to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations. Work with Superior Pad Construction to get the job done right. We aim to provide the highest quality of work at a price that will not burn a hole in our customer’s pocket. Call us today!

Kitchen remodeling Chicago
Home Prepare

How To Prepare For A Home Remodeling Chicago, IL

MENTALLY PREPARE: Prepare yourself for the dirt and noise. No home remodeling can be done without a mess and noise. There’s going to be extra dust in your house for the entire time of remodeling. Our home remodeling contractors in Chicago always do our best to minimize the mess, like setting up covers and cordoning off the remodel area.
CLEAN AND DECLUTTER: Whether you’re having bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, or kitchen remodeling, you need to empty all the areas to be remodeled. Make sure to empty everything inside the shelves, cabinets, countertop, and more. This will give your remodeling contractors in Chicago plenty of space to work. Also, if the floor needs replacement, you have to move all the furniture as well.
COVER EVERYTHING: To protect other things in the room, cover it with plastic. Superior Home Remodeling Contractors in Chicago will help you figure out how to redirect your home’s airflow to minimize the amount of dust.
VACUUM AND DUST DAILY: Vacuum and dust to prevent more dust from being carried throughout your home.

Kitchen Remodeling

Reasons To Do Kitchen Remodeling Chicago, IL

Upgrade and increase family time: Superior Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Chicago will upgrade the look of your kitchen so you can spend more family time in the kitchen. Having a good space will enable you to prepare food quickly, invite family for a coffee or quick meal without going to the dining table.
Encourage homecooked meals: Homemade meals are healthier, and people nowadays want delicious home-cooked food. Having a kitchen remodeling can help increase counter space, add appliances and make your kitchen pleasurable to cook.
Have more parties: A modern kitchen has a solid chance to impress visitors. Our kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago can increase the functionality of your space, creating an excellent place for guests to hang out.
Make your kitchen look fresher: Since you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, make sure that it fits your aesthetics. Our remodeling contractors can help you get a fresh look and arrange the place to best suit your needs.

Kitchen Remodeling Chicago
Basement Remodeling

Why You Should Do Basement Remodeling Chicago, IL

Improve House Functionality and Livability: As basements are usually located underground, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t usable nor livable. You’ll be surprised that it could be a place for laundry, a pantry, or a place to go when you are sleepy! Think about basement remodeling as a great solution to utilize spaces even more.
For Expansion, Basement Remodeling Is An Action: Many often disregard basements, but if you have it remodeled with some remodeling contractors Chicago, you can expand your sweet home’s square footage!
Basement Touch Up: Create Place for Catching Up: Suppose you wish to provide an area for gaming and binge-watching because house rooms aren’t enough. Basements are usually for utility, but who knows that they can be an entertainment area for families? In that case, you can hire basement remodeling contractors Chicago and have your basement remodeled! We, at Superior Basement Remodeling, will get you covered!

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Callam Barber

Google Reviewer

Our remodeling experts have been featured in press numerous times.
I definitely would recommend this remodeling contractors in Chicago! What I like about their work is that they did everything in the right way. No back jobs, no delays, and the result were gorgeous. The contractors were very responsive and pleasant to work.

Sofie Rogers

Yelp Reviewer

I love the work of this home remodeling contractors. They were very organized and followed everything in their schedule. The job done was excellent! We have been enjoying our kitchen for a while now. I will hire this remodeling contractors in Chicago again for my future needs and recommend them to anyone.

Bailey Norton

Facebook Reviewer

This home remodeling contractor in Chicago remodeled my kitchen and bathroom. The project manager kept us informed in every aspect of the repair. The kitchen is my favorite place. Now, it looks so spacious and organized. The bathroom is very comfortable and beautiful. I will recommend them to friends and family.

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A solid home remodeling contractor with 19 years of experience. Our remodeling company is based on reliability and a superior quality of craftsmanship.

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