Having a dog or cat is great, but this also means considering them in everything you do, including home remodeling in Chicago. This article aims to help you make your home more pet friendly so you can have a beautiful house that provides a comfortable space for everyone.

Opt For Pet Friendly Furniture

Whether you have a cat or a dog, animals shed. Thus, it is important that you focus on finding pet friendly pieces for your home, so you can prevent the need for constant clean ups. For example, choose stain resistant fabric for your couch, pillow cover, and other fabric materials where your pet would most likely stain and make rugged easily.

Avoid velvet, silk, tweed, and other fragile fabrics that tend to get scratched or torn easily. Or if you already have them, make sure to put them somewhere your pets would not reach them.

Cover or Keep Away Vulnerable Items

Part of doing a kitchen remodeling is making sure the new layout sits well with your current lifestyle, as well as with other family members including your pets. Our remodeling contractors in Chicago suggest that you keep covered trash bins in all parts of your home, especially the kitchen, to keep your pets from rummaging through the garbage.

If you cannot put a cover on them, at least make sure that they are kept in safe and out of reach places. This includes items like important work documents, house bills, luxury items, and small objects that your pet might accidentally swallow while playing.

Create A MudRoom

Playtime is fun until your dog gets soil and dirt all over your house. Part of remodeling your home is making a space for your pets. By having a mudroom, you can train your dog to clean up a little before heading inside. For you, this means fewer occurrences of chasing after your dog and cleaning up after their mess.

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