This is a good question, and the answer depends on the size of your remodel. If the construction is taking over your entire house, it would be best if you moved out completely. Living in a construction zone can be very stressful for you, the client, and the contractor. Most contractors do not like to rush through mechanical, plumbing, and electrical installations, and although a rental may cost you money, it may cost you time and money if you stay and get in the way.

Discuss with your contractor how much the remodel will impact you and your family’s daily life. Make a decision based on that and the needs of your family. 

The answer will be to move out if your renovation makes it difficult or impossible to stay, as in not having heat, plumbing, or electricity available.

Taking your pets with you while the home is under construction is good for everyone. No contractor wants to be tripping over your animals or, worst-case scenario, hurting them during the construction. The animals can get upset with all the noise and unusual activity, so the best is to remove the pets.

If your kids are around and constantly bothering the workers, this can cost you time and money. It is also a safety issue. The deconstruction of your home can create a hazardous environment for your children, with walls or ceilings coming down and dangerous debris all over the floor.

You may consider a temporary kitchen if your present one is going to be remodeled. A microwave and toaster oven can go a long way for food production. Depending on the time of year, a lot of your meals can be cooked and enjoyed outdoors. Fun for the kids too.

Living in a construction zone is not always fun. You are continually cleaning dust and debris around you, and even with some protective measures like blocking doorways, the dust still manages to get through.

Whether you stay or go, there will be times when you will have to leave for a short period of time. Installing hardwood floors, sheetrock and using toxic fumes are all excellent reasons to take a mini-vacation away from your home. Home remodeling contractors in Chicago can help you solve all these issues, so everyone involved has a pleasant and

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