Cut kitchen remodelling expenses by planning ahead

Saving money on kitchen remodelling is an art in itself. You don’t only have to set your goals but also know how to achieve them, so that the outcome will still be satisying. That’s why it is advisable to make a list of the main things you know have to be changed and then a list of want-to-haves. Keep in mind that the best way to save expenses on kitchen makeover is to leave its’ layout unaltered. Weigh whether you need to knock down that wall or change the area of the place. This leads to another huge source of saving: limitting the permits. The less plumbing and electricity work there has to be done, the better – just moving a sink forces you to pay the plumber’s day wage. Also, if you are in need of electrician, make sure that you have your kitchen lighting planned ahead, so that all electrical work can be done at one go.

Changes – to be prioritized, costs – to be minimized

There is a misconception about kitchen makeovers that one has to do away with the previous layout and concentrate on upgrading everything, making the costs go up to 20.000$. The alternative to this is considering leaving/having fixed most the previous layout. Let’s look at an exemplary have-to list: repaint the wall, retile floor, upgrade the backsplash, install new sink and worktop. All for under 5.000$. Also, you don’t have to throw away your whole cabinets, especially if they are in a decent state. Having them repainted is always an option. Moreover, remember that your old materials: doors, floorboards, radiators etc. can be sold. Just because you don’t need them anymore doesn’t mean another folk can’t make a use out of them. And finally, keep in mind that here at Superior Home Remodelling we are open to discuss your kitchen remodelling plans with you and offer a free estimate on the project.

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