One of the best investments a homeowner can make is to remodel and modernize their kitchen, but every homeowner needs to consider their goals before launching into this expensive, disruptive, and potentially rewarding project. Whether you are flipping a house, planning for a large family, or just wanting to enjoy a more attractive and functional kitchen, a kitchen overhaul begins with clarifying your goals and needs.

Begin With The Basics

The first question you must ask is: Are the basics in place, or will they need to be included in the budget? By the basics, think plumbing, electrical and supportive infrastructure of your home. Is the foundation solid? Can the electrical system handle upgrades in outlets and appliances? How much plumbing work will be required and are the current systems up to standard? This is where a professional consultation by a qualified home improvement or home inspection professional can save you thousands of dollars and untold stress. If you will need to re-plumb or re-wire your home in order to do a kitchen remodel, it will likely double the cost of the project. Investigate what you have, get professional advice and know what is in store at the most basic level before starting a kitchen remodel.

Resale Value or Lifestyle Benefits

Once the basics have been addressed, think about your long-range plans. A kitchen renovation is a sizable investment, but the benefits it can provide are immeasurable. Do you simply need a better food preparation and eating space? Are you planning on selling your home soon after the remodel or will you live in it for years? How many members are in your family and how do you intend to use your kitchen? These questions are the basis for the choices you will make in your remodeling plan. Understand your goals, and you can plan to meet them. A kitchen design and planning professional can be a valuable investment to helping you meet your kitchen remodeling goals.

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